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Technology Partners

TZ Infrastructure Protection
Physical Asset Micro-Protection for Data Centers, Airports, Hospitals and Warehouses. Managed from a central Microsoft .NET server

Shield Security Technology
Building Access Technology Services

Automated Retail Concepts
Developer of innovative automated retail concepts based on frontier technology and state of the art design

TZ Packaged Asset Delivery
24x7 Lockers for Commercial, Residential and Business Users. Integration with eCommerce Logistics, Mobile Devices and Supply Chain Management

Product Development Technologies
High Tech Product Development Services

Smart Infrastructures

Until recently, computers, enterprise applications and The Internet were mostly dependent on human beings for information. Nearly all of the roughly 50 petabytes of data available on the Internet were first captured and created by human beings. But now we have stepped into the era of 'The Internet of Things'.

Many different objects are being equipped with minuscule identifying devices that communicate over the Internet with computers, people, and other devices. Think smartphones, smart meters, intelligent fasteners, remote locks, sensors, webcams, gateways and remote control devices. All integrated to remotely operate and manage energy consumption in buildings, deliver and return parcels from 24x7 smart lockers, protect outdoor railway and airport assets, and securely manage visits to data center cabinets.


From the beginning, New District has been involved. By creating server software for smart devices, integrate smart infrastructures with ERP and BI applications, and by bringing real life Asset Management and eCommerce applications to Data Centers, Health Care, Retail, Airports, Railways and Logistics.

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